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I’m Terry Gallagher.  I have worked in the IT industry in the Silicon Valley for many years.   I initially started as a developer, went on to manage developers, and then moved on to manage IT Operations & Support teams for business-critical systems.

In my role as a Crisis Manager I have facilitated the resolution of many urgent incidents and problems.  During this process I realized that my team and I needed better tools to collaborate and coordinate amongst ourselves while we investigated problems.

One of the methodologies we followed for complex problems is the Fishbone Analysis .  It provides a very systematic way to explore and manage potential causes.  It is one of the main Quality Tools recommended by Six Sigma, and heavily used in a variety of industries.

Couple years ago, I started working with the smartQED team to design a ‘smart’ system for problem analysis using the Fishbone Diagram.   Whether or not you use the smartQED FishboneRCA app , there is much value in having a free library of Fishbone templates to help solve common problems in all domains.

I hope you will find the information on this website useful, and help us build it up together into an extensive library of problem-solving knowledge captured in the form of all kinds of fishbones.

Terry Gallagher
Chief of Customer Solutions
smartQED, Inc.

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